Promotional Testing occurs bimonthly and has a testing fee: $40 white through blue, $50 red through black belt recommended.

Students are required to pass testing to gain their next ranks.

Students must aquire the following before they can test:


  • Instructor and Parent approval (signature on testing registration form)
  • Signed Teacher Approval letter (print and have student's teacher fill out and sign stays valid for 2 testings)
  • Minimum number of homework sheets (signed by parent or guardian)


  • Instructor approval (signature on testing registration form)
  • Minimum number of homework sheets (recommended, but not required)

Students must complete and turn in a number of homework sheets in order to test.  Going above and beyond the listed number shows your dedication and is used as part of your testing.

Belt              Minimum Sheets
White 4
Yellow 4
Green 5
Blue 6


Click here for a copy of the homework sheets

Each Belt Grade has its own testing requirements.  Which can be found using the menu under training->testing->belt color.

The information listed is the minimum required to pass testing. 

Students may be asked to do more than is listed. 

When asked to do more than listed it is normaly used to determine if a student is passing or exceptionally passing.

A student is responsible to know the information they are testing for and all previous information, forms and techniques.  Testing is comprehensive.


Cannot attend testing due to schedule conflicts

If a student is unable to attend a testing they can speak with the head instructor to get approval to test early.  Usually the week prior to testing.