Wesley Lee obtained the rank of 5th Dan under 8th Dan Senior Master Harry Payne

Wesley Lee has also studied with Grandmaster Robert Dunn and Grandmaster E.C. Ahn


Taekwon-Do Lineage from the founder to Master Wesley Lee

General Choi Hong Hi

Founder of Taekwon-Do

Grandmaster Robert Dunn

Founder of the JTF

Senior Master Harry Payne

Master Lee's Instructor

Master Wesley Lee


Master Wesley Lee is a certified Taekwon-Do Master Instructor for both children and adults. 

Promoted to Regional Director of the JTF in 2015.

Promoted to JTF Administration as IT Director in 2016.

Promoted to Umpire and Tournament Director of the JTF-USA in 2017

Inducted in the US Kido Federation Black Belt Hall of Fame 2017 for Outstanding Instructor of the Year.

He has been teaching since 2005. He loves to pass on what he knows to the next generation of black belts.