Your instructor will train you according to the “Truest way.” That is, he will train you in the traditional way that has been handed down through centuries. Your training will be rigorous, demanding, and fatiguing. But if you are truly willing to learn and devote yourself, the results will be very rewarding. 

There are two major rules, however, that you must observe:


1) Keep a stable Mind:

This mean you should be calm and tranquil, keep your mind in control, and avoid letting your emotions, fears, etc., dominate you.


2) Believe your instructor:

If your instructor did not care for you, he would not take time to teach you well, correct you, etc. his vast experience and superior knowledge of the techniques is greater than yours and his main objective is to help you, in order to help him obtain this objective, listen openly, carefully and be willing to do what he tells you.