Vail Taekwon-Do will honor most ranks from other schools.  Even if it is a different style of martial arts.


The following are required for us to validate your existing rank:

  • Name of previous school, website/email/phone number of school, style of martial art
  • Last decided rank obtained at above school
  • Copy of certificate of rank of highest rank obtained
  • Time frame of when you trained at above school


We do the following with this information:

  • We will try to validate your rank by contacting the school (if possible).  If contacting previous school is not an option we will rely on the certificate of rank.
  • Review student performing some basic techniques to aid in rank placement in our system
  • Determine the equivalent rank in our system
  • Award new student with equivalent rank in JTF Taekwon-Do


To test for the next rank the transfer student will have to complete the following:

  • Learn all JTF forms up to and including forms for current rank
  • Learn all basics, one steps, testing questions, etc.  up to and including current rank as listed in Promotional Testing page
  • Meet all other testing requirement: homework, teacher letter, etc.