Grandmster Robert Dunn is the founder of the JTF the following is his History.

• Grandmaster Robert Dunn started his martial arts training
   in (2) Japanese styles of karate called Go-Ju and Shorei.

• 1969, Grandmaster Robert Dunn was exposed to a new
   and exciting Korean martial art called Taekwon-Do.

• 1970, Grandmaster Robert Dunn opened his first Taekwon-
   Do school.

• 1987, Grandmaster Eung Choon Ahn, the President of the
   Hae-San Martial Arts Association certified Grandmaster Robert
   Dunn as an International Judge.

• 1988, Grandmaster Robert Dunn was inducted into the
   International Karate Hall of Fame by Dan Soward president of
   the International Karate Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, NV

• 1989, Grandmaster Robert Dunn was contracted to teach the
   Art of Taekwon-Do to Peruvian troops in Lima, Peru.

•  2009, on February 21st Grandmaster Robert Dunn was
   promoted to Grandmaster 9th. Dan Black Belt by Grandmaster
   Eung Choon Ahn in Macon, Georgia

•  2013, Grandmaster Robert Dunn was inducted into the Black
    Belt Karate Hall of Fame by Jeff Helaney the president of the
    Black Belt Hall of Fame in Omaha, Nebraska

•  2013, Grandmaster Robert Dunn establishes a European
    International Headquarters in Crawley, England under the
    direction of Master Keith Finch, International Vice-President of
    the JTF.

•  2013, Grandmaster Robert Dunn establishes a Caribbean
    International Headquarters in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico under the
    direction of Master Alfredo Hernandez, International Vice-
    President of the JTF.

•  2013, Grandmaster Robert Dunn establishes JTF International
    schools in:


-           England

-           Poland

-           Israel

-           Malaysia

-           Puerto Rico

-           Dominican Republic


Grandmaster Robert Dunn has held steadfast to the traditional teachings of Taekwon-Do and its original Chang-Hon patterns, in order to preserve the Art of Taekwon-Do in its traditional form for coming generations