The following list are the main one steps students must learn and will be tested on.  Supplemental one steps will be taught.

White Belt                      

  • Step diagonally into a sitting stance -> double punch (punch with stepping side first)
  • Step laterally -> front kick (kick with non-stepping side)

Yellow Belt

  • Step diagonally into a sitting stance -> front block and high punch (at the same time)
  • Step forward (outside) into a walking stance and execute a high block -> middle punch 
  • Turn to evade into a walking stance -> side kick & step foot to foot -> back side kick

Green Belt

  • Step backward into an L-Stance and execute a inner forearm block-> shift forward & backfist (same hand)
  • Step diagonally into a sitting stance -> knife hand block and inward knife hand strike (at the same time)
  • Step lateral -> turning kick ->step down with kicking leg into a walking stance -> high punch

Blue Belt

  • Step forward (outside) into an fixed stance elbow strike to liver -> backward elbow strike to ribs -> pivot backward elbow strike to solar plexus
  • Crescent kick blocking the punch -> Side kick with same leg -> step down into L-Stance (inside) knife hand strike
  • Front leg side kick -> walking stance (outside) hooking block -> palm heel strike

Red Belt

  • Step forward (outside) into a walking stance & palm block -> ridge hand strike
  • Sitting stance using X-block with knife hands -> grab their wrist -> step foot to foot into L-stance (pulling attacker forward and down) -> front kick to lowered head
  • Step forward (outside) into L-stance & inside forearm block -> spin into L-stance executing a back elbow strike to head
  • Make up their own

Black Belt Recommended

  • All one steps from both sides