Vail Taekwon-Do offers an occasional series of Women's Self Defense classes.


The classes are designed to give some simple tools to help women in a self-defense situation.

We will look at the four stages of an attack: Interview, Grab, Subdue, Violate/Kill
Strategies will be given for how to defend yourself in each of these stages.


Classes are only $10 per person. Mother and daughter is only $15 for the pair.


Classes are taught by 5th dan Master Wesley Lee


Class size is limited to be able to work with each person in detail.  Please email or call if you plan to attend a class to ensure there are slots still open.

Class 1 focus:

  • Understanding the stages of an attack
  • Myths of self defense
  • Basic strikes: Elbow, backhand (ring ripper), eye and groin attacks
  • Escape from hand grabs: